The Do's & Don'ts of a Destination Weeding

The Do's

  • end invitations early - the earlier the better so your guests have plenty of time to make travel plans.  Save the date cards are also a good idea if invites aren't ready to go out by eight months before the wedding.
  • Put the details of the after-wedding reception (if you're having one) on the invitation so if guests can't make it to the wedding, they can look forward to celebrating with you there.
  • Reserve a block of rooms and put the accommodation info on your invitations.
  • Give your guests plenty of information about the area on your website.  Average temps, things to do and restaurant options are all great things to include.  A link to would be awesome!
  • Consider putting together Welcome Packets for your guests to pick up when they check in. You can include a Thank-You note for attending, a local map, schedule of events and locations, and a phone number of a friend or family member they can call if they need anything.  Make it simple or add fun gifts, either way, your guests will love that you thought of them.
  • Designate a morning meeting place such as a coffee shop or hotel breakfast buffet for friends and family to connect and plan each morning.
  • Have everything packed at least two days before.  It sounds early but it gives you time to think of those last minute items.
  • Locate the nearest store to your wedding spot just in case you need bobby pins, tape, etc. so you'll know right where to send someone.
  • If driving, check traffic and give alternate routes on your website a few days before in case of road closures, detours, or special events that could slow you and your guests down.

The Don'ts!

  • Get offended if some of your guests can't make it.  Traveling to a destination wedding can cost anywhere from $600 - $1000 or more.
  • Get stuck shipping gifts home.  Choose to register at places that will ship to your home address.  If you do have guests with gifts in tow, designate a family member or your maid of honor to gather the gifts and send them home with guests who live in your city.
  • Hesitate to register, just be sure to include some lower-priced items so guests have plenty to choose from.
  • Forget your paperwork!  What documents do you need, who needs to sign them, and where must they be mailed?
  • Invite people to your shower if they are not invited to your wedding, the only exception being a shower given by coworkers.
  • Feel pressured to do everything with your guests after the wedding.  Your honeymoon is your time, so hang out with the family if you want, or not.  Either way, let your guests know your plans ahead of time so everyone's on the same page. 
  • Worry!  No matter what happens, do your best to relax and enjoy your special day.  

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