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Places to Stay in the Smokies

Scenes like this one in Wears Valley are common throughout the Smokies.

Scenes like this one in Wears Valley are common throughout the Smokies.

The most crucial element of your Smoky Mountains Adventure is lodging.  Whether you prefer luxurious accommodations or “roughing it” is more your style, the Smoky Mountains area offers every type of lodging you can imagine.  With the towns surrounding the Great Smoky Mountains offering thousands of lodging choices, it might be difficult to choose the perfect accommodation to fit your purpose and budget.  Won’t you let us help you out?

If you prefer the comforts of home, you may be interested in one of thousands of cabins or chalets.  Located inside the city limits or high on a mountainside, cabins come with the convenience of kitchens and the serenity of a river or mountain view.  Looking for a comfortable setting with the benefit of laundry and cooking services? If so, you might be interested in one of the many bed and breakfasts in the region.

If a hotel or motel is more your style, there are plenty of those available as well!  One advantage staying in a hotel offers is the ability to walk to nearby restaurants or attractions.  In the wintertime, an indoor pool or spa is also a definite perk.  Staying in town will also provide you with closer access to conventions and festivals.  If you’re looking for an upgrade, you can look into one of the many Condo units available in the area!

Perhaps you prefer to commune with nature by sleeping in the great outdoors.  Whether in a tent or RV, the Smoky Mountains is home to campgrounds that provide all the conveniences of home.  You can wake up every morning to the sights and sounds of nature and spend the evening laughing around the campfire.

Or, if you really want to rough it, check out our backcountry camping page for details on sleeping in the wild.