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Bryson City

The train station at Bryson City, North Carolina.

Welcome to Bryson City, North Carolina

The beautiful small town of Bryson City, North Carolina, is made up of numerous shops, restaurants, and places to see.  It is located along the southern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the scenic Tuckasagee River.  Fontana Lake lies just a few miles downstream.

Where is Bryson City?

Bryson City is on the southern edge of the National Park and west/southwest of Cherokee along US 74 and US 19. It’s about 15 minutes from the Oconaluftee Visitor Center near Cherokee.

The Deep Creek section of the Smoky Mountains is located here, offering a large campground and several trailheads.  The city is home to the “Road to Nowhere,” a beautiful 7.2-mile dead-end road which winds through the southern portions of the park.

Bryson City is also home to the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad, a scenic train which transports tourists through the hills of the Smokies.  Bryson City is located just a few miles southwest of the Cherokee Indian Reservation and serves as the southern terminus of the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

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A Closer Look at Bryson City…

Bryson City, North Carolina, has a population of only 1,424, but the town is constantly bustling with activity.  The town’s roots date back to 1872, when it was then known as Charleston.  The establishment of the railroad in 1884 made the town more accessible, and the residents changed its name to Bryson City in 1889.

The Smoky Mountains National Park lies just north of Bryson City.  With the creation of the park in the 1930s and Fontana Lake in the 1940s, residents were promised a new road would be built from Bryson City west to the Fontana Dam area.  The road was never finished, but a scenic 7.2 mile dead-end section of the highway would later become known as “The Road to Nowhere.”

The railroad ceased passenger service in 1948 and freight service in 1985.  The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad was established on this line in 1988 and now provides a beautiful passenger train tour of the Smokies.

Bryson City is a great town to visit, and it should be a “must-see” destination during your next trip to the Smoky Mountains!