Tremont Area Hiking Trails

The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont is an education-centered wildlife observation/outdoor reaction center.  Schools ranging from elementary to post-secondary can make reservations, attend classes, and learn about the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

Classes can also go on planned hikes, as well as stay several days in the summer camp-style dorm system.  Tremont also provides access to many hiking trails, and the visitor center staff is very welcoming.  Hikers can even park their cars here overnight.

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West Prong Trail

This 2.7-mile trail winds up-mountain from the Tremont parking lot to access Bote Mountain Trail.  Along the way, the West Prong Trail runs through Campsite #18, where it crosses the creek.  To access West Prong Trail, go across the bridge to the gravel parking lot on the other side of the road.

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Middle Prong Trail

A 4.1-mile trail leading from the Tremont area to several other trails up the mountain, Middle Prong Trail starts at the end of the unpaved road along the Middle Prong Little River.  Climbing along the Middle Prong for 2.3 miles, the trail meets Panther Creek Trail.  After this, the trail winds up 1.8 more miles, where it ends at the trail junction of Lynn Camp Prong Trail and Greenbrier Ridge Trail.

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Panther Creek Trail

This 2.3-mile trail comes off Middle Prong Trail, leading to Tremont, and connects to Jakes Creek Trail at Jakes Gap.

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Lynn Camp Prong Trail

Starting at the end of the West Prong Trail junction with Greenbrier Ridge Trail, Lynn Camp Prong Trail heads toward Campsite #28.  This trail is 3.7 miles long and connects to Miry Ridge Trail.

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Greenbrier Ridge Trail

At the end of West Prong Trail, a hiker can take Greenbrier Ridge Trail up to the Appalachian Trail, near Derrick Knob Shelter.  The trail switchbacks 4.2 miles up the mountain.

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Miry Ridge Trail

Miry Ridge Trail is an extension of Jakes Creek Trail, coming out of Elkmont.  It begins where Panther Creek Trail comes in and climbs 2.5 miles through Campsite #26 and up to where Lynn Camp Prong Trail comes in.  From there, it climbs another 2.5 miles to the Appalachian Trail, between Cold Spring Knob and Buckeye Gap, making the trail 5 miles in length.

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Lumber Ridge Trail

This 4.1-mile trail leads from the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont to the trail junction of Meigs Creek Trail and Meigs Mountain Trail.

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Meigs Creek Trail

Meigs Creek Trail can be accessed by Little River Road near the waterfalls called "The Sinks" or by taking Lumber Ridge Trail from Tremont.  Running from the junction of Meigs Mountain Trail and Lumber Ridge Trail.  Meigs Creek Trail goes a total of 3.5 miles from the "The Sinks," near Little River Road to Lumber Ridge Trail and Meigs Mountain Trail junction.

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