Greenbrier Area Hiking Trails

The following trails can be accessed in the area near the Greenbrier Ranger Station, located off US 321/ TN 73 between Gatlinburg and Cosby, Tennessee.

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Grapeyard Ridge Trail

Located off the unpaved road, the first trail to the right leads to the Roaring Fork Motor Trail Area.  It is 7.6 miles long.  Campsite #32 is on this trail.

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Brushy Mountain Trail

This 5.5-mile long trail leads up to Brushy Mountain and to the Trillium Gap Trail Complex.  At the top, the 0.4-mile trail leads to the top of Brushy Mountain.  To the left, the 3.6-mile trail leads to Mount Le Conte.  Going straight will put you on Trillium Gap Trail, which leads to Grotto Falls and the Roaring Fork Motor Trail.  Brushy Mountain Trail can be accessed off the unpaved road coming from Greenbrier.  At the fork, take a right, and the road ends at the start of the trail.

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Porters Creek Trail

After going 1 mile on Brushy Mountain Trail, there is a trail that branches off to the left.  This is Porters Creek Trail, and it runs parallel with Porters Creek.  Winding up mountain, the trail dead-ends after 2.7 miles at Campsite #31.

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Ramsey Cascades Trail

This popular 4-mile trail leads to Ramsey Cascades, an attractive waterfall.  To access this trail, take the unpaved road out of Greenbrier and take a left at the fork.  Follow the road, and the trail will begin at the end of it.

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Old Settlers Trail

This 15.8-mile trail winds up and down hills, while crossing several streams.  Old Settlers Trail leads to the intersection of Maddron Bald Trail and Gabes Mountain Trail.  Maddron Bald Trail leads to the Appalachian Trail, while Gabes Mountain Trail leads 6.6 miles toward Cosby Campground and Ranger Station.  Campsite #33 is located on this trail, near the Greenbrier area.  This trail is long and difficult, so do not take it unless you have planned for a full day's hike or have added it to a multi-day hike.

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