Cosby Area Hiking Trails

At the Cosby Campground area, there are several small trails, less than 0.4 miles, that lead to these bigger trails mentioned. Cosby Campground and Ranger Station can be accessed from a paved road coming off of US 321/ TN 73 near Cosby, Tennessee.

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Gabes Mountain Trail

This 6.6-mile trail leads to the intersection of Maddron Bald Trail and the Old Settlers Trail.  Before this, the Gabes Mountain Trail goes by Hen Wallow Falls and Campsite #34.  At the intersection, taking the Maddron Bald trail up the mountain takes you to Campsite #29, Snake Den Ridge Trail, and the Appalachian Trail (6.8 miles).  The Old Settlers Trail takes you 15.8 miles to the Greenbrier area.  Going right at this intersection takes you 1.2 miles to a parking lot off US 321/ TN 73.

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Snake Den Ridge Trail

It is a 4.6-mile climb up mountain to meet the Maddron Bald Trail before going 0.7 miles to the Appalachian Trail.  This is a fast route from the Appalachian Trail down to civilization.  The Snake Den Ridge Trail totals 5.3 miles in length.

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Low Gap Trail

After hiking 0.4 miles to access this trail from the campground, Low Gap Trail leads 2.5 miles to intersect with the Appalachian Trail.  Crossing the Appalachian Trail, it goes downhill to Campsites #37 and #36 in the Big Creek area.  This is one of fastest routes off the Appalachian Trail and into civilization.  Altogether, from the campsites to Cosby Campground, it is 5.4 miles in length.

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Lower Mount Cammerer Trail

This 7.5-mile trail leading out of Cosby Campground links directly to the Appalachian Trail, 2.3 miles northeast of the Mount Cammerer Fire Tower.

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Mount Cammerer Trail

A 0.6-mile side trail off the Appalachian Trail, this trail leads to the Mount Cammerer Fire Tower.  People can go up here to view the scenic panorama.

*The best way to visit the Mount Cammerer Fire Tower is to take the Low Gap Trail out of Cosby Campground.  Then, at the Appalachian Trail intersection, take a left and hike to the Mount Cammerer Trail.  Getting there is 5.6 miles total, all uphill, so to make it there and back will total 11.2 miles.

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