Smokemont Area

Located north of the Cherokee Indian Reservation, the Smokemont Area is one of the most crowded parts of the park.  Located on the North Carolina side, the Smokemont Campground and Ranger Station draw people from this area into the southern side of the park via the Newfound Gap Road.  There are some popular trails in this area for hikers as well as horseback riders.  To get to Smokemont, just follow US 441.

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Smokemont Campground Trail

There is a 1-mile long trail that runs up and down the campground on the east side.  It links the road to the access point of Bradley Fork Trail and Tow String Trail.  The access point trail goes 0.3 miles to this intersection.

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Tow String Trail

This 2.2-mile trail runs from Tow String Stables to the access point that is 0.3 miles from the Smokemont Campground.

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Smokemont Loop Trail

A 3.9-mile side trail that begins from Smokemont Campground (on the west side) to where it ends at the Bradley Fork Trail intersection.  For a quick loop trail adventure, a person can take the Smokemont Loop Trail and hike back to Smokemont Campground via the Bradley Fork Trail (5.3 miles).

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Newton Bald Trail

A section of the Benton MacKaye Trail that links Smokemont Campground to Mountains-to-Sea Trail at Newton Bald.  The length to here is 4.7 miles.  Newton Bald Trail continues for 0.6 of a mile to Thomas Divide Trail.

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Chasteen Creek Trail

A 4.4-mile section of the Benton MacKaye Trail that veers off to the right from the Bradley Fork Trail, near Campsite #50, and ends at the intersection of Hughes Ridge Trail and Enloe Creek Trail.  Campsite #48 is located near this trail intersection.

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Enloe Creek Trail

A 3.6-mile section of the Benton MacKaye Trail that links the intersection of Hughes Ridge Trail and Chasteen Creek Trail with Hyatt Ridge Trail in the Cataloochee Area.

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Hughes Ridge Trail

This approximately 5-mile trail links Benton MacKaye Trail, at the Enloe Creek Trail and Chasteen Creek Trail intersection, with the Appalachian Trail near Pecks Corner Shelter.  Pecks Corner Shelter is on this trail.  At almost the midpoint of this trail, Bradley Fork trail leads 3.3 miles southwest to the intersection of Dry Sluice Gap Trail and Cabin Flats Trail.

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Bradley Fork Trail

This 7.3-mile trail leads from the 0.3-mile access trail in Smokemont Campground to the intersection of Dry Sluice Gap Trail and then climbs 3.3 miles leading to Hughes Ridge Trail.  From the Smokemont Campground, it goes 0.9 miles to where Chasteen Creek Trail veers to the right.  It is 0.5 miles from there to where the Smokemont Loop Trail comes out.  It then ends after 2.3 miles at the intersection of Cabin Flats Trail and Dry Sluice Gap Trial.  It then continues 3.3 miles to Hughes Ridge.

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Dry Sluice Gap Trail

After taking Bradley Fork Trail from Smokemont, Dry Sluice Gap Trail continues on to the left at the Cabin Flats intersection.  From here, it is 4.2 miles total to the Appalachian Trail, just northeast of Charlies Bunion and Icewater Spring Shelter.  Not far from the Bradley Fork junction is a trail called Cabin Flats Trail, which veers off to the right for 0.6 miles, leading to Campsite #49.  From the Cabin Flats Trail intersection, the Dry Sluice Gap Trail continues 2.9 miles to where Kephart Prong Trail goes off to the left.  After this, the trail finally finds it way 1.3 miles to the famous Appalachian Trail.

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Cabin Flats Trail

A 0.6-mile side trail off of Dry Sluice Gap Trail that leads to Campsite #49.

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Kephart Prong Trail

Kephart Prong Trail leads 2 miles from Newfound Road to Grassy Branch Trail.  Two miles in, the trail runs by Kephart Shelter, where Sweat Heifer Creek Trail comes in at.  Grassy Branch trail then travels 2.5 miles to Dry Sluice Gap Trail.  From here, a hiker could take 1.3 miles of the Dry Sluice Gap Trail up to the famous Appalachian Trail.  Most people use this trail to get access to the Kephart Shelter for overnight outings.

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Grassy Branch Trail

A 2.5-mile trail connecting Kephart Shelter to Dry Sluice Gap Trail.

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Sweat Heifer Creek Trail

This 3.7-mile trail links Kephart Prong Trail and Shelter to the Appalachian Trail, south of Icewater Spring Shelter.

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Kanati Fork Trail

A small, 2.9-mile trail that starts at Newfound Gap Road and leads to the bigger Thomas Divide Trail in the Deep Creek area.

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