Abrams Creek Area Hiking Trails

Abrams Creek Campground and Ranger Station are located off of Happy Valley Road, which comes in from Chilhowee, Tennessee.  Another campground is also located off the Foothills Parkway, near Look Rock.  Situated at the complete southwest end of the national park, Abrams Creek area provides miles of hiking trails which can easily give access into the Cades Cove area of the park.

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Rabbit Creek Trail

One of the two trails leading out of the campground, Rabbit Creek Trail begins near the ranger station.  Totaling 7.8 miles, the trail helps link the Abrams Creek area to the Cades Cove area.  The first section of the trail winds 2.7 miles into the park before coming to the intersection of Hannah Mountain Trail, near Campsite #16.  Continuing straight, the Rabbit Creek Trail runs past Campsite #15, as it goes 5.1 miles to Cades Cove close to the visitor center.

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Hannah Mountain Trail

Extending from the other side of Gregory Bald Trail at the intersection of Forge Creek Road, coming out of Cades Cove, Hannah Mountain Trail runs 7.6 miles, where it intersects the Rabbit Creek Trail.  During this stretch of trail, Hannah Mountain Trail passes by Campsites #14, and #16.  At the intersection of the Rabbit Creek Trail, the trail keeps going another 1.9 miles, where it meets Little Bottoms Trail and Abrams Falls Trail.  Most people access Hannah Mountain Trail by hiking the 2.7 mile section of the Rabbit Creek Trail from the Abram's Creek ranger station.  The Hannah Mountain Trail is 9.5 miles total.

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Cane Creek Trail

After taking the Cooper Road Trail 3 miles in, the Cane Creek Trail runs 2.1 miles, going past Campsite #2 and out of the park.

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Gold Mine Trail

A 0.8 mile section of trail branching off of the Cooper Road Trail at mile 2.6 and continuing outside of the park.

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Little Bottoms Trail

A 2.5 mile trail that helps link Abrams Creek area to Abrams Falls.  After going 0.9 miles on the Cooper Road Trail, Little Bottoms Trail branches off to the right.  After this, the Little Bottoms Trail goes 2.3 miles, where the Hatcher Mountain Trail merges with it.  After this, the trail continues a little ways to the junction of Hannah Mountain Trail and Abrams Falls Trail.  Campsite #17 is located on this trail.

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Hatcher Mountain Trail

The main purpose of the Hatcher Mountain Trail is to link the Little Bottoms Trail, Hannah Mountain Trail, and Abrams Falls area with the Cooper Road Trail.  This trail is 2.8 miles long.

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Cooper Road Trail

A 10.3 mile trail, Cooper Road Trail connects Abrams Creek Campground with the Cades Cove area.  Coming out of the Abrams Creek Campground, the trail runs 0.9 miles before Little Bottoms Trail runs off to the right.  Going by Campsite #1, the trail continues 1.7 more miles, where it meets Gold Mine Trail running off to the left.  After that, a 0.4 mile section before the Cane Creek Trail breaks off to the left.  Cooper Road Trail goes 1.8 miles more to the intersection of Beard Cane Trail (to the left) and Hatcher Mountain Trail (to the right).  The trail then continues 5.5 miles to Cades Cove. 

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Beard Cane Trail

This 4.2 mile trail leaves the Cooper Road Trail at the intersection of Hatcher Mountain Trail.  Campsites #11 and #3 are along the trail, as it makes its way to the border of the park near Ace Gap.  It is here where the Beard Cane Trail turns into the Ace Gap Trail. 

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